Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bain Beakley at Siesta Sunday Market

It's downright unnatural for a musician, for a singer, to have to belt out tunes with enthusiasm first thing in the morning. And even more unexpected on a Sunday morning. But a gig's a gig, and the Siesta Farmers Market, which takes place every Sunday from 8AM to 1PM in the Davidson's parking lot in Siesta Village, has lately been graced by the resonant vocals and guitar work of Bain Beakley.

Music has become a key ingredient in creating mood and energy among market shoppers and vendors, and Bain is one of Sarasota's increasingly visible and popular songsters.

You can also see Bain Beakley as a duo with Frankie Lombardi, called Acoustically Speaking, and in the Michael Kach Group. More on those groups in another post.