Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bain Beakley at Marina Jack's in Sarasota FL

Anywhere else, Sunday would be an off-night for live music. But here in Sarasota, Sunday evenings can be magical: At the open-air bar on the ground floor of Marina Jack's restaurant, along the Sarasota bayfront, you can take in the shimmering colors of a Gulf sunset and be treated to the resonant vocals and guitar of local singer-songwriter Bain Beakley.

There are plenty of impressive singers and lead guitarists in this town, but the ones that get my attention, that pull me toward them, combine unique vocal qualities with instrumental stylings that create a special world inside each song they play. The other key ingredient is a warm stage presence that picks up the energies in the room and makes audience members feel included and appreciated.

Bain Beakley does all of the above. He generously offers both his artistry and his personality as an entertainer to whatever "room" he plays. His song mix includes familiar covers and some originals. Word on the street is that he's working on a CD. 

But for now, you have to step out and listen to him live. Next Sunday, make a date with yourself and check out Bain at Marina Jack's. You're in for a treat.