Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Instigators are back in Sarasota

After too long away, The Instigators are back onstage in Sarasota. Last night, they packed the house at the Five O'Clock Club on Hillview Street. Fans happily swayed to their multi-instrumental, multi-vocal reggae sound.

Even better news is that The Instigators are slated to play every Sunday at Bob's Boathouse, hopefully starting in late September when the newly built restaurant reopens . . . finally.

Refer to for actual gig dates. Meanwhile, check them out at to listen to clips. But, truly, you have to experience them in person to get the whole flavor.

AJ and the Automatics in Sarasota

After seeing AJ and the Automatics two nights in a row in Sarasota -- first at The Blue Rooster, then at Ocean Blues -- I'm still smiling as I recall happy dancers, grooveworthy funk and R&B, and AJ's full-throated vocals and fancy dance moves on stage. Simply put, AJ evokes every popular R&B singer from the 60s and 70s, pressed through his own high-energy, full-body delivery!

The sound is loud, the house literally rocks, and each of the band members provides solid entertainment with memorable solo riffs and backup vocals. For instance, Burt Engelsman on bass and Mark Serio on lead guitar. Schedules being what they are, some of the musicians change depending on the gig, but all are top-notch and each gets a chance to show off his licks.

According to AJ, "The Automatics have been around for about 19 years, touring all over Florida, doing concerts, including the Chillounge events from the east coast to west, as well as the Orlando area, and Lake Eola Park."


Lucky we are, to have AJ and the Automatics right here in Sarasota FL. For updates on their schedule, check out