Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tommy Doerr's new CD, "Happy to Be"

It's always best to enjoy Sarasota musicians live. So many dimensions that can't be captured in a CD.

But it's also great to travel around with them in one's personal spaces, away from the distractions of chatting bar crowds and street noise. 

This week I'm enjoying the variety of moods and tunes on Tommy D's new CD, "Happy to Be." One of my faves so far is "Night Trippin'", which immediately engages with a happy calypso beat that captures the gigging musician's life on the road, traveling from setup to setup. 

Also, "Bubble", which reminds us that "We live a bubble/Of some kind/You live in a bubble/I live in mine," a tidy little evocation of the human condition. 

"Stranger" explores an experience familiar to those of us who leave our hometowns to live in a place more suited to our own needs, returning "home" to find that it no longer belongs to us, except in our memories.

Sample Tommy Doerr's CD here. Then get your own copy to drive around with.
 Tommy Doerr Happy to Be
Tommy D's CD, "Happy to Be"

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