Sunday, April 24, 2016

Wheel & Frame at Indigo Event Space in Westfield NJ

Visiting the popular dining and shopping destination of downtown Westfield NJ, a few nights ago, I heard interesting sounds coming from an upper floor of the Arcanum Hall building, at the corner of E. Broad Street and Elm Street. Climbing the stairs to the second floor, I made my way through the artful decor of Indigo, a co-op event space. 

The tune that drew me in was being played by Wheel & Frame, a low-fi indie/folk band from the Upper East Side of New York City. They were there as part of a multi-band showcase evening.

What intrigued me was that, along with the dense lyrics and dirge-like rhythms common to many young start-up groups these days, there was melody and musicality that made Wheel & Frame's performance appealing on its own, whether or not I caught the story being told.

Here's a track for you to sample:

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