Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Andres Colin at The Hub Baja Grill on Siesta Key in Sarasota

My previous post only touched on the vocal, stylistic and instrumental versatility of Andres Colin, who plays regularly for the tourist crowd enjoying dinner at The Hub Baja Grill on Siesta Key. Tonight's performance featured an astounding musical arrangement of Andrea Bocelli's "Partido", courtesy of Colin's complex looper capabilities and orchestral imagination. His vocals were truly operatic, dancing melodically through the emotional eddies of that beautiful composition. One could only be transported from earthly reality into another sphere, and wonder how this multilingual, multi-instrumental, and warmly engaging performer has landed in our midst.

Later in the evening, Colin demonstrated that, contrary to popular opinion, men can multi-task, too. On "Blanco Y Negro," an original composition from his eponymous CD, "Andres Colin: Universal Universe", he simultaneously sang densely packed Spanish lyrics while busily tapping his feet among various buttons and pedals to pull forward and drop out the various instrumental parts he'd entered into the looper at the beginning of the song. 

Lots of local solo performers use loopers these days -- a necessary device to create a sound larger than the restaurants want to pay for. But Colin's fluidity with programming, playing, singing, and audience-antics is prodigious.

You can find Andres Colin's CD online at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/andrescolin2

Better yet, find him playing in person. No matter what your mood when you get there, he'll have you smiling, tapping, and enjoying yourself in the space of a few songs.

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